Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is the world’s first & largest hospital ever made in the UAE. Falcon is the national emblem of the United Arab Emirates and has deep-seated cultural links to Arab Bedouins. As a major tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi, you can sight these majestic birds of prey via the award-winning tourism program. This tour offers you a unique first-hand interaction with these magnificent creatures. We offer guided tours to two beautiful falcon museums where you can get candid shots with these splendid raptors.


Since opening their doors in 1999 under the direction of a prominent German veterinary surgeon, the unique hospital has about 6,000 birds pass through each year, occupying the 200 air-conditioned treatment rooms in the hospital. The sport of falconry has deep roots in the nation’s culture and the valuable birds are issued passports to get access to high-quality check-ups, treatments and feather substitutions.

Be sure to book guided tours of the facility that host tourist and provide a unique insight into the history of the sport and the physiology of this significant bird. You’ll be able to see the birds swoop through a free-flight aviary, witness a falcon pedicure and even make friends with the birds as one perch on your arm.

Animal Shelter

Furthermore, The hospital conducting an Animal Shelter in reference to the Abu Dhabi Executive Council of the Abu Dhabi government. Also, It can suit hundreds of stray dogs and cats.

Ticket prices 

Adults: 10 years or above – 170 AED,

Children: 5-9 years – 60 AED,

Infants: below 5 years can go free

Visit Time

Daily 8:30 am to 2:30 pm 


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