Heritage Village Abu Dhabi

Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is a model of an Emirati village and cultural attraction which exhibits the Bedouin lifestyle and heritage. There are no entry fees and it’s open to all guests’.

The museum in a village is the main attraction of visitors. It has showcased the old Abu Dhabi before the oil boom. It is a memoir of the journey of Abu Dhabi from an ethnic Arabic shell to such a city in boom and bloom and that too in a minimal time span! The museum exhibits copies of the Quran, traditional jewels and weapons of earlier ages.

The place has innumerable attractions like the Bedouin tents set up with campfires and piping hot Arabic tea.  The camels, Arabian horses and goats are put on a display, which is pleasing to see for children. It has also hosted several artisan exhibits of the local arts like weaving or glass blowing. Enjoy shopping in a traditional emirate market which sells a variety of products. Find products like handmade soap, silver jewellery. Here visitors’ can buy traditional Arabic clothing and few stalls provides traditional henna. The site giving charming look of the emirate’s past. It features public workshops where artificer reveals traditional skills such as metalwork, pottery, weaving and spinning. 

You can see a facsimile of the functioning of a flagellar irrigation system used for irrigation of palm groves in areas of the UAE. Behind this site, you can see an adorable view of the city from corniche beach. 

Entry and time to visit

It’s complementary to visit the traditional Emirati cultural place.

Daily: 9am to 4pm & Friday: 3.30pm to 9pm


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