Mangrove Kayaking Abu Dhabi

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The Mangrove Kayaking tour is taking place in the largest mangrove forest in the UAE’s Eastern Mangroves National Park of Abu Dhabi. It is located between Qasr Al Bahr lagoon and Mushayrib Island lagoon, covering Al Reem Island and Al Matar area which is 10 minutes from Abu Dhabi’s city. It sounds safe & a very peaceful place where you can hear the twittering of birds and the water roll into the sand of an Arabian sea.

Nature of the place

For nature lovers, this is one great way to dive into nature while you are in Abu Dhabi. This mangrove is approximately 19 square km. Abu Dhabi’s Eastern Mangrove National Park mangrove forest is flourishing with lovely natural dark green colour in the saline coastal line.

Shelter for wildlife 

This is a dense mangrove forest area, which is about ¾rd of the mangrove cover in entire UAE Country. It is the home for many natives and foreign vegetation and fauna. It is a shelter for breeding, living for water species such as fish, marine birds, wildlife and protections of eggs. It’s known for an abundance of wildlife, including herons, flamingos, and crabs, it’s a popular place to explore with kids, too.

Kayaking Tour Abu Dhabi

The fresh air and the shallow water is the best way to experience the mangroves. Explore it via kayak, stand up paddleboard or guided boat. On the spot of Kayaking, you will be guided by staff. Before starting your journey, refresh by fruit salad & drinking water bottles. After that, start kayaking in the crystal clear water of Abu Dhabi’s eastern mangrove lagoons with Kayak full set(Life Jacket, Kayak, Padded Seat, Paddle). There is also available a place to wash, towel, use of a changing area after finishing your tour.


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