The Founder’s Memorial

In 26th of February 2018, a year dedicated in the UAE to the celebration of Zayed’s life and legacy, The Founder’s Memorial, also known as sheikh zayed memorial, is a permanent national tribute dedicated to commemorating the life, legacy and values of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE and opened to the public after more than six years in the design and construction process in Abu Dhabi the capital of UAE.


The memorial consists of an open Heritage Garden and Sanctuary Garden at the centre of which is a cubic pavilion housing The Constellation, an artwork dedicated to Zayed’s memory. The Constellation, an installation of 1,327 geometric shapes suspended from a 30-metre-tall cube on more than 1,000 cables. The installation can be experienced differently from multiple vantage points and at night, the shapes shine like stars. As a result, it’s evoking the timelessness of the Sheikh Zayed’s vision as a guiding light for the UAE people.

The centrepiece of The Founder’s Memorial is a monumental public artwork by international artist Ralph Helmick called The Constellation, a dynamic three-dimensional portrait of the late Sheikh Zayed that can be experienced differently from multiple viewing points around the memorial.


Every visit to The Founder’s Memorial is an immersive journey of discovery, exploring his life and legacy, the principles and causes he championed, and the various facets of his visionary leadership.

Here, you will have the opportunity to engage with the man and the leader through rarely-seen footage, personal stories, articles and interviews with those who knew and loved Sheikh Zayed. This state-of-the-art multimedia experience also features a number of Sheikh Zayed Encounters, screened every fifteen minutes that give you the chance to hear from the late leader in his own words. Complimentary tours in Arabic and English led by Emirati Cultural Tour Guides are available to guide you through the memorial and to enable you to gain a deeper understanding of Sheikh Zayed and his legacy. A stroll taking in the Sanctuary Garden, the Heritage Garden, and the Elevated Walkway around the artwork completes the experience at the space.

The Founder’s Memorial offers visitors a range of personal encounters with the late Sheikh Zayed as a man and a leader. So, it’s enabling people to gain a deeper understanding of his vast influence on the UAE and the world.

Ticket Prices

Entrance is free

Time to Visit

Daily: 9 am to 10 pm

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